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Buy and rent houses and apartments in Cadaqués

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Houses and apartments for tourist rental throughout the year. Don’t let them get away!

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Buy and rent houses and apartments in Cadaqués

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Houses and apartments for tourist rental throughout the year. Don’t let them get away!


“Some consider Cadaqués to be one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, but out of discretion and shyness they avoid saying so. Others make the Mediterranean small by proclaiming to the four winds that Cadaqués is the most beautiful town in the world.” Josep Pla (Cadaqués, 1947).

Sale and rental in Cadaqués

At Es Podritxó Immobiliària we offer you the chance to buy houses and apartments in Cadaqués or to rent them out for tourism or all year round. We specialise in the sale and rental of properties, houses, apartments, plots of land, commercial premises and parking spaces. We operate in Cadaqués and the rest of Alt Empordà.

In order to give our clients the best possible service, we offer advice and professionally manage any operations involving property sale or rental. We will attend to any of your needs in property purchasing or rental, and we invite you to be a part of our community of clients and friends, turning your time in Cadaqués into a dream come true.

Holiday Rental

Bring us the keys to your property. We’ll manage it for you.

Home Staging

Adapt a home to enable it to be sold as fast as possible and at the best price.

Interior Design

Advice on home decoration projects, so you can enjoy having a unique and exclusive home.

Works management

Planning and coordination of property maintenance and renovation.

Es Podritxó

Des Podritxó square is an emblematic spot in Cadaqués, especially known for the porches of can Pont and for Casa Serinyana or Casa Blaua.

Historically, the square was separated from the La Plaja neighbourhood by a stream that formed a small port known as Es Portitxó (the Little Port). Over time, this name evolved, for questions of pronunciation, eventually coming to be known as ES PODRITXÓ.

Welcome to Cadaqués!

Plaça des Portitxó, 9 · 17488 Cadaqués
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